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Time / date: Basic converter
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Millisecond to MinuteMillisecond to HourMillisecond to DayMillisecond to SecondSecond to Minute
Second to HourSecond to DaySecond to MillisecondMinute to HourMinute to Day
Minute to MillisecondMinute to SecondHour to MinuteHour to DayHour to Millisecond
Hour to SecondDay to MinuteDay to HourDay to MillisecondDay to Second
All time / date converters
Basic time / date converter (Millisecond, Second, Minute, Hour, Day)
Zodiac sign time / date converter (Zodiac (Tropical), Zodiac (Western))
Time / date fun fact
According to an old English system of time units, a moment is one and a half minutes.
Common conversions:

Ton to Pound
Gram to Milligram
Terabyte to Megabyte
Picogram to Femtogram
Mile per second to Kilometer per second
Foot per second to Kilometer per second
Zettagram to Zeptogram
Duodecimal (Base 12) to Ternary (Base 3)
Milligram to Decagram
Kilometer per second to Mile per second
Quinary (Base 5) to Ternary (Base 3)
Teragram to Megagram (Tonne)
Kilometer per hour to Speed of light
Quaternary (Base 4) to Decimal (Base 10)
Decigram to Megagram (Tonne)

Other conversions:

Text to Unicode for HTML (decimal)
Resolution to Megapixel
Text to Unicode for HTML (hexadecimal)
Unicode to Unicode for HTML (decimal)
Date to Zodiac (Western)
Unicode to Text
Date to Zodiac (Tropical)
Text to Unicode
Unicode to Unicode for HTML (hexadecimal)
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