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Temperature: Advanced converter
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Celsius to NewtonCelsius to KelvinCelsius to RťaumurCelsius to RankineCelsius to RÝmer
Celsius to DelisleCelsius to FahrenheitDelisle to RÝmerDelisle to KelvinDelisle to Newton
Delisle to RankineDelisle to CelsiusDelisle to RťaumurDelisle to FahrenheitFahrenheit to Newton
Fahrenheit to KelvinFahrenheit to CelsiusFahrenheit to RťaumurFahrenheit to RankineFahrenheit to RÝmer
Fahrenheit to DelisleKelvin to NewtonKelvin to CelsiusKelvin to RťaumurKelvin to Rankine
Kelvin to FahrenheitKelvin to RÝmerKelvin to DelisleNewton to DelisleNewton to Fahrenheit
Newton to RÝmerNewton to KelvinNewton to RankineNewton to CelsiusNewton to Rťaumur
Rankine to KelvinRankine to NewtonRankine to CelsiusRankine to RťaumurRankine to Fahrenheit
Rankine to RÝmerRankine to DelisleRťaumur to DelisleRťaumur to FahrenheitRťaumur to RÝmer
Rťaumur to NewtonRťaumur to KelvinRťaumur to RankineRťaumur to CelsiusRÝmer to Delisle
RÝmer to FahrenheitRÝmer to NewtonRÝmer to KelvinRÝmer to RťaumurRÝmer to Rankine
RÝmer to Celsius
All temperature converters
Basic temperature converter (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin)
Advanced temperature converter (Celsius, Delisle, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Newton, Rankine, Rťaumur, RÝmer)
Temperature fun fact
The estimated temperature of the sun is over 15 million degrees Celsius.
source: NASA
Common conversions:

Hectogram to Kilogram
Decimal (Base 10) to Duodecimal (Base 12)
Meter per hour to Speed of light
Rankine to Kelvin
Centigram to Decigram
Kilometer per hour to Knot
Gigabyte to Byte
Ton (British) to Troy Ounce
Yoctogram to Picogram
Degree to Grad
Gram to Hundredweight (British)
Attogram to Gram
Kilometer per second to Foot per hour
Kilogram to Hectogram
Yottagram to Yoctogram

Other conversions:

Unicode to Text
Date to Zodiac (Western)
Text to Unicode for HTML (decimal)
Text to Unicode
Date to Zodiac (Tropical)
Text to Unicode for HTML (hexadecimal)
Unicode to Unicode for HTML (hexadecimal)
Resolution to Megapixel
Unicode to Unicode for HTML (decimal)
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