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Convert length units, the most common ones: meters, miles, yards, feet, inches and more. Includes both nautical and statute mile.
Length: Metric converter
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Millimeter to MeterMillimeter to DecameterMillimeter to HectometerMillimeter to KilometerMillimeter to Centimeter
Millimeter to DecimeterCentimeter to MeterCentimeter to DecameterCentimeter to HectometerCentimeter to Millimeter
Centimeter to KilometerCentimeter to DecimeterDecimeter to MeterDecimeter to DecameterDecimeter to Hectometer
Decimeter to MillimeterDecimeter to KilometerDecimeter to CentimeterMeter to DecimeterMeter to Decameter
Meter to HectometerMeter to MillimeterMeter to KilometerMeter to CentimeterDecameter to Decimeter
Decameter to MeterDecameter to HectometerDecameter to MillimeterDecameter to KilometerDecameter to Centimeter
Hectometer to DecimeterHectometer to MeterHectometer to DecameterHectometer to MillimeterHectometer to Kilometer
Hectometer to CentimeterKilometer to DecimeterKilometer to MeterKilometer to DecameterKilometer to Hectometer
Kilometer to MillimeterKilometer to Centimeter
All length converters
Basic length converter (Foot, Inch, Kilometer, Meter, Nautical Mile, Statute Mile, Yard)
Metric length converter (Millimeter, Centimeter, Decimeter, Meter, Decameter, Hectometer, Kilometer)
Length fun fact
Flea's can jump 130 times higher than their own height. In human terms this is equal to a 6ft. person jumping 780 ft. into the air.
Common conversions:

Kilometer per hour to Foot per second
Grain to Hundredweight (US)
Femtogram to Decagram
Gram to Nanogram
Gigagram to Microgram
Decagram to Zeptogram
Meter to Nautical Mile
Grad to Second of arc
Bit to Byte
Grain to Ton
Yoctogram to Exagram
Hectogram to Kilogram
Teragram to Picogram
Yoctogram to Decagram
Dram to Grain

Other conversions:

Unicode to Text
Date to Zodiac (Western)
Text to Unicode for HTML (hexadecimal)
Unicode to Unicode for HTML (decimal)
Resolution to Megapixel
Text to Unicode
Text to Unicode for HTML (decimal)
Unicode to Unicode for HTML (hexadecimal)
Date to Zodiac (Tropical)
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